Electrochemical machining


The method of electrochemical metal machining is suitable for precise deburring and rounding of edges at exactly defined points. The material is electrolytically dissolved on the anodically connected workpiece. In addition, this technology can also be used to work contours into the workpiece surface. The method is independent of burr thickness and condition as well as alloy and component microstructure. It can therefore also be applied to cast, pressed and forged parts. Even hardened components can be machined using this method.


  • Components are free of (internal and external) burrs, tinsel, scales and material overlaps
  • Removal of material on the component is precisely defined and even
  • All corners and edges are minimally rounded
  • Additional post-treatment (cleaning) is usually not necessary
  • Components are not subjected to either thermal or mechanical stress
  • The surface can be smoothed down to a specific residual roughness depth
  • No hydrogen embrittlement occurs


These BENSELER locations offer this procedure:

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