Cryogenic deburring


With cryogenic deburring, we cool the components off using liquid nitrogen, which causes the adhering burrs to harden or embrittle. Once this state has been reached, the component is blasted at high speed with plastic granulate of varying size and density and the burrs break off. We apply this surface-friendly method to softer materials or material combinations, such as elastomers, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, plastics, light metals or hybrid components.


  • Removal of external (in special cases also internal) burrs possible
  • This method is considered to be particularly environmentally friendly
  • No material wear since only the burr lugs are cut off

  • Advantages over TEM:
    • No component stretching/no deformation
    • No surface impairment; high surface quality
    • No microstructural transformation


These BENSELER locations offer this procedure:

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