Precise electrochemical metal machining


PECM can be used to precisely machine metals, irrespective of their hardness, within a short period of time and maintaining high component quality. This method is an advancement of electrochemical machining. The materials are dissolved anodically without contact by means of an oscillating cathode. PECM technology is particularly suitable for small- and large-volume production as well as for prototyping.


  • Contact-free machining without thermal or mechanical influence
  • Burr-free machining
  • No process-related cathode wear
  • Roughness depths of up to Rz 0.2/Ra 0.05 (depending on material)
  • Mapping accuracy < 20 μm
  • Machining of hardened components
  • Cycle time scalable through fixture design


These BENSELER locations offer this procedure:

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