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As a specialist in surface coating, BENSELER can draw on over 60 years of know-how. Electrostatic powder coating has complemented the portfolio since 1979.

Find out more about the advantages and services in the field of electrostatic powder coating below.

What is electrostatical powder coating?

Electrostatic powder coating is a very environmentally friendly and solvent-free process. Whether used as corrosion protection or decorative surface: BENSELER uses EPS powder coating in many different ways - for the automotive industry as well as for consumer products. During powder coating, the electrostatically or tribologically charged powder is applied to the pre-treated and dried parts. The powder coating layer created during the curing process is characterized in particular by high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Electrostatic powder coating is an excellent corrosion protection, both as a single-layer system or as a top coat over the cathodic dip coating. BENSELER achieves a very high level of corrosion protection, especially for magnesium components. Electrostatic powder coating enables smooth and textured surfaces in different gloss levels and colors.

Electrostatic powder coating roboter
Electrostatic powder coating roboter

Characteristics of electrostatic powder coating

Electrostatic powder coating is used around the world especially for specifications in the automotive industry, but is also popular in other industries. It is suitable for steel, ferrous materials, cast iron, galvanized ferrous materials, aluminium and magnesium.

Further advantages of electrostatic powder coating at a glance: 

• decorative surface with outstanding characteristics
• high corrosion protection
• coating thickness > 40 μm
• good chemical resistance, also against brake fluid, oils, solvents or biodiesel
• high scratch, abrasion, stone chip and impact resistance
• adhesion cross-cut Gt 0 to Gt 1
• high UV resistance possible
• environmentally friendly
• solvent-free

Application process sequence with electrostatic powder coating

1. Loading and Pretreatment

In order for BENSELER to apply the powder coating, the products to be coated must be attached to appropriate fixtures. If necessary, masking can also be applied to areas that are not to be coated.

The product now passes through various pre-treatment stages. These vary depending on the delivery condition and base material. Those can be steel, cast materials, aluminum or magnesium alloys. To ensure the consistently high quality of the subsequent powder coating, all baths are constantly monitored analytically. In addition to their visual quality, the final powder coatings are resistant to chemicals, weather and mechanical stresses such as stone chipping. The closed inline systems at BENSELER guarantee economical first-run quotas even for visually very demanding parts.

The multi-stage pre-treatment processes are carried out either by immersion and/or with spray application: First, the workpieces are degreased. This is followed by a chrome-free pre-treatment with subsequent conversion or a zinc phosphating process.

2. Application by electrostatic powder coating

Powder coating at BENSELER is carried out using modern application technology. Painting robots are used for complex geometries. This procedure guarantees very high repeat accuracy and therefore consistent coating quality.

3. Backing the powder layer

After the powder coating has been applied, the paint layer is baked in the oven to give it its specific characteristics. The workpieces are then cooled before further processing.

4. Inspection and Quality Assurance 

After cooling, the workpieces are removed from the fixtures. A 100% visual inspection of the painted products is carried out.

It is also possible to unmask the products or have further assembly work carried out before they are then packed for safe transportation.

Examples of applications for electrostatic powder coating

Electrostatic powder coating is used worldwide in many specifications in the automotive industry and other industries, such as in the agricultural industry for agricultural machinery or construction machinery.

Examples from our portfolio:

Passanger Car: brake protection plates

  • Material: Aluminum sheet
  • Coating: powder

Passanger Car: strut support

  • Material: Magnesium
  • Duplex-coating: KTL with powder

Passanger Car: Front End Carrier

  • Material: Magnesium
  • Duplex-coating: KTL with powder

Passanger Car: Ventilation Consoles

  • Material: Magnesium
  • Duplex-coating: KTL with powder

Trucks: Bumpers

  • Material: steel
  • Duplex-coating: KTL with powder

Agricultural Machinery: Structural parts and covers

  • Material: steel
  • Duplex-coating: KTL with powder

Additional Services in connection with electrostatic powder coating

electrostatical powder coating workpieces

The following additional services are offered at BENSELER locations:

• masking of paint free areas
• optoelectronic controls
• Pre- or post-assembly (riveting, pressing in rubber bearings, seam sealing,underbody protection, straightening)
• Individual testing processes

Further special services are possible upon customer request!


BENSELER technical information for electrostatical powder coating

To ensure that the process is perfectly suited to your requirements, the BENSELER sales team will be happy to provide you with personal advice at any time.

These BENSELER locations offer this procedure:

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