Deburring by BENSELER

high-pressure water jet deburring: HDW processing

BENSELER is one of the leading service providers in the field of deburring.

In addition to specializing in thermal deburring and electrochemical machining, with many years of expertise in the field of fixture technology, the specialists at BENSELER also offer numerous other processes in the field of deburring.

Deburring definition: What does deburring mean?

Deburring removes burrs, i.e. sharp edges, burr flags or flakes that occur during machining or die casting, for example. Burrs are problematic if they impair the functionality of a system within the end product. Furthermore, deburring prevents the risk of injury during assembly.

Which deburring methods are available?

BENSELER offers various deburring processes at several locations - also in combination with each other or with complex pre- and post processes. An important part of the portfolio in this area is industrial parts cleaning with technical cleanliness in accordance with VDA 19.
The combination of thermal deburring and subsequent cleaning enables very good technical cleanliness results to be achieved, especially with regard to metallic particles.

BENSELER deburring process at a glance:

Quality and sustainability are particularly important to the specialists at BENSELER, which is why the company is also certified in accordance with the environmental requirements ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 for energy management. BENSELER also works specifically in the automotive industry in accordance with IATF 16949.

Find out more about our deburring processes in the following overview:

Responsible division management:


Where to find us

Customer proximity is important to us. For direct contact and short ways. Which is why you can find us at nine locations all over Germany and at three more facilities abroad. Here you can easily check where we can offer you which methods from the fields of coating, deburring and additive manufacturing.

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