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Additive Manufacturing

BENSELER is one of the leading service providers in the field of additive manufacturing - and has been for over 10 years.

Our customers include a wide variety of industries: In addition to our core sectors - tool and mold making and automotive - we also use the 3D laser printing process for industrial sectors such as medical technology, mechanical engineering and the consumer industry.

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D laser printing or selective laser melting, is an innovative process that differs fundamentally from conventional manufacturing processes and provides the industry with new possibilities for manufacturing components.

What are the advantages of additive processes?

selective laser melting for industry: view of a part

The biggest advantage of additive manufacturing - i.e. 3D printing - is that there is no need to develop and manufacture tools and molds to produce a product. Instead, as with selective laser melting, components are produced layer by layer on the basis of 3D CAD files. With this manufacturing process, companies can produce components more cheaply and quickly and offer custom-made products more easily.

Another advantage is that additive manufacturing enables degrees of flexibility on the component in terms of complex geometries and functional integration that cannot be achieved with conventional manufacturing processes.

Additive Manufacturing process: 
Everything from a single source with BENSELER

BENSELER manufactures metallic direct components with complex geometries and hollow or lattice structures. In addition to additive manufacturing, the portfolio includes the entire product design and production process - from consulting, design, simulation and feasibility testing to mechanical post-processing (using our own 5-axis CNC machining), surface treatment and assembly of components. On request, the specialists at BENSELER can also develop custom-fit metallic powders.

We offer the most common additive manufacturing process for metal components - selective laser melting (powder bed-based melting of metal using a laser beam).

Advantages of Selective Laser Melting

Selective laser melting (SLM) enables the rapid production of prototypes compared to conventional processes.

SLM can be used to create lightweight and complex products as well as solid, dense components. A large number of the most commonly used metal materials can be produced using this process.

One of the main applications is the production of tools and molds with optimal conformal internal cooling for the die casting and injection molding markets.

Your industry is not listed? No problem, BENSELER will look for a suitable solution for you.

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Where to find us

Customer proximity is important to us. For direct contact and short ways. Which is why you can find us at nine locations all over Germany and at three more facilities abroad. Here you can easily check where we can offer you which methods from the fields of coating, deburring and additive manufacturing.

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