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19. June 2024

Successful test day at BENSELER: High-quality PFAS-free coating solutions coated under series production conditions

Successful test day at BENSELER: High-quality PFAS-free coating solutions coated under series conditions

In February, a successful test day was held at BENSELER BETEO, during which the comprehensive range of coatings from DÖRKEN and the experience of BENSELER were once again put to the test. In cooperation and support with Dörken, represented by Sabrina Hilbt and Emre Kocak, screws of various dimensions were coated on a large coating system under series production conditions with a full load. The screws were provided by our customers Richard Bergner and Lisi Automotive and pre-treated by BENSELER.

The coating was applied using the dip spin process with the tried-and-tested DELTA-PROTEKT® KL100 zinc flake basecoat and the new, production-ready DELTA-PROTEKT® TC 502 GZ topcoat. Both products are PFAS-free. The coating test went smoothly and the parts were then additionally coated with threadlockers to test their compatibility with the anti-corrosion coating.

The tests subsequently carried out in the BENSELER laboratory confirmed the excellent results: The parts consistently exhibited very good corrosion protection results of over 720 hours in the salt spray test as well as excellent friction coefficients and bolting properties. The coating is therefore suitable for series production.

Coatings for black surfaces are already planned for the next tests. These will again be carried out in cooperation and support with Dörken and will include a new dark zinc flake basecoat and a black topcoat.

We are looking forward to the future challenges and are proud of the excellent results of our joint work!

For further information please contact Mr. Jens-Paul Hänig at any time!

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